Shattered Shield

Book 1 of the Cameron Cole series.
Terrorist threats loom as a jaded CIA Officer works with an interagency team to stop a relentless group and their destructive designs on America.

Disillusioned CIA officer Cole Cameron is drawn into the corporate espionage scheme of a former CIA colleague just as a deadly terrorist’s blast rocks the company research center in Tucson Arizona, setting in motion a string of events designed to immobilize the country and settle personal scores with the intelligence community. Cameron must dismiss his inner battles and lead an interagency mission against the terrorist group that he has analyzed and dogged for years.

Cameron finds himself drawn to FBI Special Agent Hannah Jacobs who works as the team’s domestic liaison allowing him to envision the possibilities of happiness and contentment. However, their dreams are challenged as they come to know the gravity of their mission. The threats are much broader and deeper than imagined, and their personal and national sense of security and freedom shattered.

The Lion’s Prey

Book 2 of the Cameron Cole series
CIA officer Cole Cameron is on the hunt for his newest enemy. But will the hunter soon become the prey?

Decorated CIA officer Cole Cameron saved America from a deadly terrorist threat once before, but it nearly cost him everything. Now, he’s on a mission to take down the group who nearly killed his daughter and bring them to justice. But his enemies have a mysterious new leader at the helm, known only as the Lion of Arden, and his eyes are set on Cole and the country he serves.  

With an elite covert team at his side, Cole relentlessly follows the Lion’s breadcrumb trail through some of the darkest regions of the world. But each time they close in, more enemies appear, while their quarry remains just out of reach. Taunted by increasingly personal video messages from the Lion, Cole throws himself deeper into a murky world of shadows and killers, testing his very soul.

The lion hunter soon becomes the prey, as Cole faces an adversary who is one step ahead of him at every turn. Pushed past his physical and emotional limits, Cole must depend on his skills and perseverance to take down an enemy who is much more than he appears to be. Cole soon realizes there’s more at stake here than just his family’s safety. With his back against a wall, he must decide if he’s willing to risk the very thing he’s fighting to protect in order to bring the Lion down.